KISPE Training

Education & Training for Space Professionals

Engendering a culture of knowledge sharing leads to efficiency, creativity and innovation.

Our desire to share knowledge goes beyond our company, to our customers and partners. The provision of training, development, mentoring, coaching and outreach are a core part of our business. We cover a broad spectrum of technical, business and project expertise, and our training, coaching, mentoring and outreach activities can be tailored to address specific client needs.

Online Courses

A range of self-paced courses to suit your interests & requirements. 

A range of self-paced courses:

  • Applied Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Applied Project Management for Space Systems 
  • Applied Space Systems
  • Business Modelling & Planning
  • Designing Space Missions & Systems 
  • Essential Systems Engineering
  • Human Spaceflight
  • Integrated Small Satellite Engineering Workshop 
  • Mission Design Workshop
  • Space Launch & Transportation Systems
  • Space Mission Operations
  • Space Systems Verification & Validation
  • Systems Engineering 
  • Understanding Space

Bespoke Training Webinars 

Executive & Technical Coaching 

Online & self-paced courses