Online Courses

A range of self-paced courses to suit your interests & requirements.

KISPE offers online courses that will appeal to new entrants to the space industry, 
as well as courses that allow experienced professionals to build upon and apply their knowledge to new and specific disciplines.

Understanding Space

Understanding Space 101, 103 & 105 offer an introduction to space concepts – spanning every aspect of space mission design, development, technology and operations. 

Designing Space Missions & Systems

This course examines the real-world application of the entire space systems engineering discipline. This is a hands-on course with a focus on applications.

Space Mission Operations

This course introduces the space mission development from a space operator’s point-of-view. Lessons explore designing and implementing space mission operations in a practical, cost-effective way.

Human spaceflight

This course provides the conceptual framework for developing human space missions starting from a blank sheet of paper.