Understanding Space 103

Based on the award-winning text Understanding Space: An Introduction to Astronautics, this is the same aeronautics course presented to over 20,000 space professionals from NASA, ESA, US Air Force, and major companies in the space industry. Previously this course was only available to aerospace organisations and their personnel onsite. Now it is available to all space professionals and the general public through this unique online course. This course is designed to make you “space smart,” by building your understanding and appreciation for the complex requirements of space missions.

Course Topics:

• Space in Our Lives
• Elements of a Space Mission
• A Brief History of Space
• The Space Enterprise
• Space Systems Engineering
• Mission Management, Space Operations
• Down to Earth Issues Exploring Space
• History of Early Explorers and the Coming of the Space Age

Orbits & Trajectories
• The Space Environment
• Understanding Orbits
• 2-body Problem and Constants of Motion
• COEs, Ground Tracks and Basic Orbits
• Perturbations and Special Orbits
• Maneuvers, Rendezvous
• Launch & Reentry

Space Systems
• Observation Payloads
• Electrical Power
• Attitude and Orbit Control
• Communication, Data Handling
• Structures and Thermal
• Rockets, Launch Vehicles

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